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 Заголовок сообщения: Forest fires in Russia - September 1, 2020
СообщениеДобавлено: 01 сен 2020, 08:06 
Алексей Ярошенко, руководитель лесного отдела Гринпис

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The main sources of current information on forest fires in Russia are satellite monitoring data from the ISDM-Rosleskhoz system and official reports of the Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesookhrana) based on information from regional authorities. Below are the main numbers from these two sources, as well as graphs showing the situation since the beginning of the year, and some explanations.

Satellite monitoring data of the ISDM-Rosleskhoz system for 00:00 Moscow time, September 1, 2020:

Active forest fires area, million hectares
Total area burnt since the beginning of 2020, million hectares
Forested area burnt since the beginning of 2020, million hectares

According to ISDM satellite monitoring, the largest areas of forest fires occur in the following regions (as a percentage of the total area of ongoing fires in Russia): Sakha (Yakutia) - 81%, Krasnoyarsk - 10%, and Irkutsk - 9%.

Data from daily report of Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesookhrana) for 00:00 Moscow time, September 1, 2020:

Total active forest fires area, million hectares
Unmanaged forest fires area, million hectares
Total active forest fires number
Unmanaged active fires number
Share of unmanaged fires in the total area of active forest fires
Total area burnt since the beginning of 2020, million hectares

Report of the Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesookhrana)

In terms of the total area of fires from January 1 to August 31 inclusive, according the ISDM-Rosleskhoz system, 2020 became the fourth year since the beginning of the century (after 2003, 2012 and 2019) in Russia as a whole (red line), and the first in the Far East federal district (blue line, all in millions of hectares):

ISDM-Rosleskhoz is a system for satellite monitoring of forest fires that was designed by the Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, and which is operated by Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesookhrana), part of Federal Forest Agency (Rosleskhoz). The ISDM-Rosleskhoz has been operational since 2005 and contains data since 2001. Data partly are open for public, partly restricted for authorized use only. Here de use daily reports "4-ISDM".

Unmanaged fires - forest fires that no one puts out. Special regional commissions may decide that a fire may not be extinguished if the fire operates in the so-called "forest fire control zone". These zones in remote and inaccessible forests can be established by regional authorities, and now they occupy about 45% of all forests in Russia. There are no clear rules for establishing “control zones” and for refusing to extinguish fires.

The difference between data given by satellite monitoring and official reports have few reasons. Fires in forests on agricultural lands, reserve lands and some other minor categories aren’t legally considered as forest fires and aren’t included in official reports. Forests in these types of lands constitute about 10% of all forested lands in Russia. Fires that are suppressed in a moment are estimated by ground teams and their reports have some delay in comparison to satellite monitoring. Also data could be falsified to have better statistics and reports.

There are no exact data on the total area of all types of landscape fires, including steppe, reed, tundra, alpine and other non-forest fires. There are no official statistics on non-forest vegetation fires and estimation based on low-resolution data (such as MODIS or VIIRS) is not accurate enough. We assume that the total burned area of all landscape fires since the beginning of 2020 reaches at least 24,2 million hectares.

See updates here

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